"How to Get Nitro-Boosted to $1000 Payments without Having to do Any Extra Work..."

Dear Entrepreneur,

Pssst! What you’re about to read may well be the most important letter you ever receive.

Make no bones about it...

This is an opportunity like no other but I’ve gotta be honest with you;

This ain’t for everyone.

  • You need to be serious about growing your online business
  • You need to be highly-driven and motivated to succeed at the very highest level
  • And you need to be willing to make an investment to take advantage of this time limited offer

And Yes-a-Roo – This Nitro Pack
Upgrade Really is a Time-Limited Offer...

When I say “time limited offer” – I mean it.

Somewhere, through the magic power of high-tech fandangeree there will be a countdown timer placed above this letter.

And once it reaches ZERO this offer is gone, never to be repeated.

Okay Moto...

Enough chittle-chattle-

let’s cut the chase here, what is this amazing opportunity and how can it make you a veritable dumpertruck of money in the next few months alone?

Here's Your $1000-Payment-Making NITRO PACK...

Your $1000 Payments

This is going to, among other things, give you $1000 payments like clockwork with no extra work or effort on your part.

It’s for people like you who want to accelerate their results fast and maximize their efforts to get the most money out of the other side.

And regardless of whether you are lucky enough to get this NITRO PACK or not;

The people you send into the product funnels with your Leads-To-Cash Generator will be buying the $2000 offers we make them – whether you get paid $1000 on those sales is down to you.


Before you run to the hills screaming like a wild-haired banshee let me put all my cards on the table here...

YES. This is an OPTIONAL upgrade.

  • You don’t need to buy this Nitro Pack
  • You don’t need to get paid the regular $1000 payments
  • You have everything you need with the Leads-to-Cash Generator to have a highly lucrative and hands-free internet business

Grabbing this Nitro Pack will just get you there quicker.

And if you don’t get this Nitro Pack then all the $1000 payments on all those $2000 sales will just be going into my pocket and not yours.

I personally think this is a total no-brainer offer and by now I’m sure you do too.

But let me remove all doubts from the equation here.

Let’s splat this wide open and make it even more irresistible for you...

To Make This an Obvious YES Decision For You I’m Also Going To Give You My $10 Million Email Secrets

$10 Million Email Secrets inside 'Email Black Ops'


We're building your website and follow-up emails right now.

You're getting paid all the money on all sales.

And when you grab this Nitro Pack you'll also get the $1000 payments on all $2K sales too.

You're getting paid to build your list.


And with this Nitro Pack I'm going to give you my flagship email training program "Email Black Ops".

It shows you all the secrets I've used to make over $10 Million sending emails.

Because while we're already building you 66 days of follow-up emails - after that you'll want to email your list more stuff to make more moolah.

Email Black Ops shows you how.


Pretty cool huh?

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no – not on your nelly. Because...

I'm Gonna Accelerate You to a $1 Million per Year Business in Record Time

The Secret $1 Million Seminar

Picture the scene...

It was a locked room in deepest, darkest Scotland.

A secret location that a select group of people had flown to from countries all over the globe.

Each person made over $2000 to attend.

The door was locked and inside magic was happening;

I spilled the beans on the best, fastest way to go from $0 to $1 Million online.

I had the whole thing recorded by a team of professional cameramen and you're getting these secret recordings as part of this Nitro Pack.

And making money just got even easier for you because...

If You Ever Need a Quick Surge of Cash-Creating Advice Just Pick Up the “Bat Email” Because You’re Getting Direct Access to Me Personally for 30 Days

30 days' exclusive direct access to Michael Cheney to explode your income in record time

Yes. I know.

This is freakin’ nuts right?

But you really will be able to reach out to me via email, hit the send button and speak to me directly one on one whenever you want for 30 days.

You should know by now;

I charge $20,000 to coach people one on one.

And that’s just for 90 days with a single call a week.

When you buy this Nitro Pack you’re getting unprecedented private and direct access to me via email here and frankly, I’m worried I might get swamped but what the heck!

This is the offer right now but once the countdown reaches zero I’m pulling this thing down and your opportunity to grab all this will be gone forever.

Okay, Let’s Do This – Here’s What You’re Getting When You Buy This Nitro Pack Add-On (Including Those Juicy $1000 Payments for No Extra Work)

  • $1000 payments paid direct to your PayPal account on all $2000 sales made in all our products and funnels from people you refer in (you just send them into the top of the funnel – we show you how and you just count the money)
  • My $10 Million Email Secrets with the "Email Black Ops" Training Program ($197 Value)
  • The $1 Million Seminar (how to go from zero to $1m a year, FAST), people paid $2000+ to attend this
  • 30 days' exclusive screenshot consultancy and direct access to Michael Cheney to explode your income in record time
Secure Order Form: Your Order is Safe & Secure

“YES Michael. I Want to Grab This Nitro Pack and Get $1000 Payments for No Extra Work and I Agree To The Following...”

YES. I agree to receive $1000 in payments for every $2000 sale made from people I send into the funnels for no extra work on my part

YES. I realize this requires no extra work on my part and these sales will be made regardless of whether I buy this Nitro Pack and receive $1000 payments on them.

YES. I fully understand and accept because of the labor-intensive nature of this offer for your business (direct access to you, your staff setting things up etc.) there are strictly NO REFUNDS and all sales are final.

YES. I understand I must invest the full amount mentioned below before any $1000 payments will be credited to me

YES. I accept the investment to buy the Nitro Pack and receive the $1000 payments, the $10 Million email secrets training program, 30 days’ direct access to Michael himself and exclusive access to the $1 Million Seminar is just $997;

YES. Get started right now by clicking the button below and remember – once the countdown on this page reaches ZERO you will have PERMANENTLY MISSED OUT on all the $1000 payments, missed out this opportunity and missed out forever on grabbing this offer because it will be GONE FOREVER.

The Nitro Pack

See you on the other side - well done on grabbing this Nitro Pack.

Michael Cheney

P.S. The upshot? I'm gonna be selling all your leads on a $2000 package. If you grab this upgrade I will pay you $1000 every time people grab the $2k offer. If you don't grab this upgrade you'll lose out on these extra $1000s and there's no extra work on your part.

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